via Daily Prompt: Seriousness At times like these that are dark And uncertain from the emperor in chief We must remember wit and levity are Our tools, our weapons to defeat the Orange beast and his cold hearted cabinet Too much seriousness will sustain their Spine tingling reign of terror We’ll laugh, we’ll joke, we’ll win Continue reading Seriousness

Versatile Blogger Award Nomination

I am greatly honored to have been nominated by Bullyboy ( for this award. Bullyboy is a respective fellow blogger who I have come across these past few months since I have been blogging. Rules for Versatile Blogger Award 1. You have to thank the person who nominated you for this award and provide a link to their blog. Nominate at least 15 bloggers of your choice Link the nominees and inform them about their nomination. Share 7 facts about yourself My Nominees are: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. reading Versatile Blogger Award Nomination


via Daily Prompt: Lukewarm In a small coffee shop Walls covered with murals of Bookshelves stacked with books Giving the feel of a library Prepared to perform to a packed room I confidently stride towards the mic Dressed in a Pierrot costume which masks The butterflies floating in my stomach With fears of a mediocre performance Resulting in a lukewarm reception I take a deep breath before I gab To the hushed crowd, I fall backwards Laughter echoes through the room I purposely trip towards the masses They fall to the ground simultaneously I keep the slapstick antics on For … Continue reading Lukewarm


via Daily Prompt: Criticize Followers flock to the demagogue In small numbers to listen to the Sizzling words that charge up Hate and intolerance Opposition marches in greater numbers To share their words that criticize The foggy minded commander and policies making His blood boil, act out in childish tantrums We will not be silenced We will march in numbers Greater than you can imagine We will overcome hate Continue reading Criticize