I don’t believe in patriotism.
It only leads to elitism, not humanism.
Patriotism means to worship an inanimate object
Such as the nation’s flag as if it were holy.
Patriotism can lead to xenophobia, bigotry.
The people who are patriotic are the ones
Who are falsely claiming to be Christians,
While they perform such un-Christian acts
Such as being xenophobic, bigoted.
The phonies are the ones who harass and get
Violent towards immigrants and other minorities.

Only looking at the interests of a nation.
A nation just being a piece of land.
Patriots disregard the lives of others
Around the globe, showing apathy to those suffering overseas.
The patriots forget the poor treatment
That may of their ancestors faced
A few generations ago when they
First arrived in this country.

These patriots only show mistreatment and abuse
Toward the new wave of immigrants,
Who are arriving to make a better life for themselves,
And their families and oppressive governments, and other conditions.

Biased mainstream media is what provides the propaganda
That Muslims are no good terrorists who all show allegiance
Towards ISIS. Mexicans who come to this nation
Are ruthless drug lords, murderers, rapists.

When will the ignorance and hatred end?
When will we learn about loving and accepting
One another without judging and discriminating others
Based on race, gender, sexual orientation,
Disabilities, religion, lack of religion, economic status?

Will we ever work together to end tyranny?
Tyranny that is xenophobia, Islamophobia,
Which has become the new “red scare”.
Tyrants, which are billionaires profiting off of wars
Invading countries deceiving millions of people
Believing that is protecting the nations, where it is
Only costing the lives of many innocent people.

Wake up people!
Wake up and see that patriotism is only causing harm,
Contradicting what this nation once stood for.
Standing for freedom of expression,
Freedom of religion where many hypocrites believe
That this nation was built solely upon Christian fundamentals.
Those who are not Christian get persecuted.
Have people forgotten that this nation was founded to allow
People to practice whatever religion that they please without ridicule?

What happened?
What happened to this nation?
Why is it such a taboo to learn to speak more than one language?
There is no official language for this nation.
Many countries around the world speak English
As another language to accommodate Americans.
Is there a problem for us to reciprocate?
If we want to show an example that we pride ourselves
With being the greatest country in the world,
Then it’s time to start showing it!
Show that we accept more than one language
Being spoken in this nation.

We are all humans!
Show that humanity is far more important to protect
Than protecting the interests of a nation!

God bless America is what we always hear.
Doesn’t God bless other nations?
What about Belarus, South Africa, Venezuela, Thailand?
Don’t they get blessed?
How about God bless all nations?

Wake up!
Wake up humans!
Forget about the thought of nations,
And think about humanity!

*Written 2015


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