Holiday in Florida

This is my first time posting a journal type of entry here on this blog. I am 
currently in Florida staying with my parents for the holidays. It is nice to get
away from the frigid New York weather for a week, but feeling homesick. Missing
out on a bunch of great events back home, and especially my friends. Been
trying to make the best of this time away.

It's mostly been uneventful so far. Have been taking the opportunity to write 
quite a bit, which I am happy about. I plan on taking my writing more
seriously in 2017. Have goals to write more than ever, submitting to poetry 
anthologies, publications, along with contests. Also, look to write short
stories as well, along with exploring to write in different styles of poetry. My 
presence in the local poetry scene will be greater than ever. I will be 
attending more readings, and performing at them. 

My passion for writing has been stronger than ever this year. It has been a year
of starting over for me. Left a toxic group of friends, and befriended a bunch
of great people. They drove me to write more than ever. I was also encouraged
to attend creative writing workshops, which has immensely improved my writing.
It was a dear friend who encouraged me to start a blog this year. After months of 
procrastination, I finally joined this site a month ago, and have been
diligently active since. 

It has been a wonderful experience seeing the beautiful writings and
photography of people on this site. It has also been a pleasure getting to meet 
some of you. I look forward to getting to read more of your works, and meeting 
new people on here. I wish you all happy holidays!


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