Daily Prompt: Tempted

via Daily Prompt: Tempted

Feeling shaky, chills
In a sealed tight room packed
With cold snakes slithering
As I open my mouth to
Jump-off a conversation

A cigar offered leaves me tempted
I order a premium Scotch
Make my way to the
Arctic courtyard
Light up the Cuban stogy

I hunger for more fuel
To this fire erupted
From booze and tobacco
Blinded from good judgment
Swerves me into a crocked state

I stagger on the dance floor
Sway without restraint
As my friends with glimmering halos
Watch me melt away like the
Wicked witch of the west

They dig deep in my pockets
To seize my keys and wallet
I run amok unfazed
By the actions of the hard-boiled
Seraphs saving me from the dangers of

Running my key into the cold ignition
Drive off to play Twister on the
Unlit and hushed roads
Shimmering sirens stop me in my tracks
Cuffed away to slumber in a run-down cell

An angel shakes sense in me
To awake from stupidity
Receive a transport back
Home to leave my car alone
In a remote lot

I look back at the wrecking ball
Of a night nearly demolishing
Close friendships, lives
From a bad decision
I lament my puerility

Aghast to show my face
Curl up in fetal position
Seek forgiveness from friends
May take days to heal
From these lacerations of sorrow

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